Essential Oils: A Guide to Getting Started

I've been using essential oils for years now, but it's only been in the last year or two that the Young Living brand was presented to me. I never understood the difference in quality of essential oils until I took a class on how to use them. It was amazeballs. You can totally smell the difference in the different quality of products.

Young Living changed my life.

I left the class and bought a starter kit with my next pay check. I never intended to get a starter kit to run it as a business, and I still don't intend to run it as a "business". However, I fell into it as a business when I realized I should be sharing this stuff with people, because of the massive impact these oils had on my life. SO, I do intend to share my personal testimonies using the Young Living products and share this opportunity with others. Sharing is caring after all.

So here's the skivvy.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are oils that are extracted from plants. There are a few different ways you can extract the oils through processes called steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. The purest essential oils are extremely powerful, but a lot of essential oils in the market today are mixed with toxic synthetic agents and cheap fillers (more on that later). So watch out!

Because pure essential oils are so potent you don't need much when you're using them. A little goes a long way. For instance if you're cooking with oregano leaves you'd probably put a large portion of them into a soup, but if your cooking with essential oil you only want to add one or two drops from a toothpick otherwise it's way too strong.

Did you know, it takes 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. You'd probably put juice from half a lemon in a glass of water, but you only need 1-3 baby drops of essential oil to make a great detox drink with Young Living EO. Let me tell yah, it's potent.

How do Essential Oils Work?

Essential Oils help promote a healthy immune system as well as promoting improved general well being. Diffusing essential oils are my favorite way of using them because they just make your place smell so dang good, but I use them in all sorts of ways, aka cleaning. They are great for that!

Essential Oils are rapidly absorbed into the skin because of their molecular structure (I know almost too much science there). It typically takes 1-3 minutes for the essential oil to enter your blood stream when applied topically, and 20 minutes to reach every cell in your body!

Essential Oils can be used in three ways, aromatic (diffusing/inhalation), topically (putting them on your skin), or ingesting.


There are many different blends you can use and create for applying essential oils topically. Basically our skin is permeable and the oil absorbs into our skin much like hormone replacement therapy cream or a nicotine patch.

Aromatic / Diffusing:

Through aromatic inhalation or diffusing the essential oil enters the body through a few different pathways. During inhalation odor molecules from the essential oils enter our nose and travel to the brain and multiple different receptor sites like the limbic system (it's a big one). The limbic system is a receptor site, commonly referred to as the emotional brain.

The limbic system is directly connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, breathing, memory, stress levels. This explains why smells often provoke emotions. Every time I smell Italian season blends (oregano, rosemary, basil) I'm brought back to cooking in my great grandma's kitchen as a little girl.


Ingesting oils is exactly as it sounds, simply adding them to your food or water, maybe making homemade capsules and consuming them. Food for thought, since not all essential oils are created equal you should really make sure you are an expert before you go ingesting them. Not all oils are good for consumption. We will get to more of this at a later time but just had to throw it out there that I do not condone people putting things in their bodies that will harm them. Please make sure the oil you're consuming is GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA and is a 100% pure oil.

Why did I start Using Essential Oils?

Well I started using Young Living essential oils because I wanted to try a cleanse and I'm always down for a deal so I knew I needed the starter kit in order to get my cleanse. I already knew a little about oils and used them in my oil diffuser so I knew I would eventually use the oils in my kit. But...what I didn't know is how much I would end up incorporating the oils into my daily life.

Lets throw it back to a long time ago - me as a kid.

Ya'll I was SO sick all the time. I had constant ear infections, I never pooped regularly (I know you really wanted to know that) and it was because of all the antibiotics doctors kept prescribing me. At one point I was over dosed on antibiotics and was nearly hospitalized. Seriously not fun times. I don't remember a Christmas that I actually enjoyed as a child because I was always sick.

Now let's fast forward a decade or so.

THANK GOD for my Mother who started researching holistic healing before holistic healing was a thing. We tried everything from gogi berries to maca root and all kinds of essential oils and natural supplements. Here's the thing, years of antibiotics as a kid left my gut in serious distress as a teenager and I had all kinds of weird probs (welcome to 16).

Anyhow, I knew taking my health into my own hands was what I needed to do so as a 20 something when my aunt invited me to her Young Living Essential Oils class I decided I'd see what it was all about. I'd had friends tell me they used oils for different things and I'd dabbled in it so I thought why not. Although, I'll tell you I was still skeptical.

15 minutes into the class I definitely wasn't skeptical anymore. I started smelling the oils...smelly is the only word I have for you. In the past, I had used essential oils that I purchased from the grocery store so I already knew what they smelled like. OMG let me tell you I've always felt like lavender smelled like pee and I refused to use it. Then I smelled Young Livings pee smell. Crikey! Ya'll it's because of the purity.

I was hooked.

Then my aunt went on to explain how she had used the oils for skin care and on her dog, and for meditations. WOW. I had no idea all the benefits of the oils before that other than hey their smelly.

I'm a total "oiler" now!

Honestly I could go on all day about this but I know your time is precious. Watch this in your pj's. I'll walk you through everything.

Also...there's a couple apps I recommend. One is called "Think Dirty" and the other is " ". I'm challenging you to download them. Then go to your bathroom and kitchen and look up the products under your sinks.

OMG! Disturbing!! It makes me sick just thinking about how many chemical live in every day from fabric treatments, to skin care and cleaning products. I can honestly say I now have only one bottle of a store bought cleaning product under my sink. That's it! The rest are essential oils.

I'm warning you, you'll probably become obsessed. But, hey it's a good thing. I'm all about eliminating toxic crap from our lives! You feel me?

Why I chose young Living??

For me it was simple. Young Living had pure products, and I really loved that everything they produce comes from their farms. The company makes a very conscious effort to do everything sustainably and ethically. (These are core values for me if you haven't figured that out).

I trust them because they've been in business for 20+ years and were pioneers in this industry. They might know a thing or two. They also have what they call a "Seed to Seal" promise, meaning that they are involved in every step of the process from seeds, to cultivating to the distillation process and bottling of the product. Young Living has farms all over the world and takes careful consideration in every step of their process! Another thing I loved is that you can go visit any of their farms any time you want! I haven't been yet, but one day...this stuff just fascinates me!

A lot of the Young Living oils are certified by the FDA as "Natural Health Products". For me, I didn't really care that it is a multi-level company, because no one that I've met who shares these oils with people "sells" them. It's just not a salesy company, but what it is - a company who cares about you and the environment you live in. It's safe, it's sustainable and it's empowering to know that you're able to create a chemical free lifestyle for yourself with Young Living. The product is incredible and I can personally speak to the quality after using them for so long.

Okay, Whats the Catch? How expensive is this stuff?

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it isn't a little pricey to overhaul all the products in your home to live a more chemical free lifestyle. Pure Essential Oils are more expensive, but you get what you pay for and a little goes a long way. One small 5ml bottle lasted me 6 months.

I bought the Young Living Starter Kit and a cleanse to get myself started as well as some carrier oils like coconut oil and olive oil (but I use those all the time too). You could also buy soap pumps and glass roller bottles. I didn't invest in those things right off the bat, for me I had to make it a slower process - and that is okay!!

Seriously though, once you start investing in the things you need to make soaps and cleaners you won't look back. After the first few months it's not as expensive anymore because you have relatively all that you need.

I can honestly say I really don't spend much money on "higene" products or muscle rubs, migraine medicine, etc. anymore. The oils have seriously changed my life and once you're past the initial investment it's just replacement buying as needed!

What is the premium starter kit?

The premium starter kit is everything you need to get started. It comes with a bunch of oils that you can and will use on a daily basis. They're called essential oils for a reason- they are essential.

The premium starter kit is seriously the perfect way to get started! You get SO much value from the kit. Your kit will include 11 of the most popular Essential Oils that you'll end up using for all kinds of things!

  • 5ml Frankincense (My personal fave)
  • 5ml Lemon
  • 5ml Lavender
  • 5ml Peppermint
  • 5ml Copaiba
  • 5ml Theives
  • 5ml Purifciation (My other fave)
  • 5ml Panaway
  • 5ml R.C
  • 5ml Digize
  • Bonus Oil ** This will change depending on where you are ordering from Canada/USA and is subject to change from time to time. Canada: Black Spruce Oil, USA: Stress Away (It's amazing :D)

Your kit will also include a diffuser. In the US you get to choose which diffuser you want from 4 options.

  • Dewdrop Diffuser (the one on the left - This is the one I have, and I use it daily!!)
  • Home Diffuser
  • Bamboo Diffuser
  • Aria Diffuser

Guess what, Guess what!!? There's more! haha You'll get to try a bunch of samples and accessories that will come with your kit!

  • A product guide (to explain benefits and uses of all the oils in your kit)
  • Product use cards (with a place to attach samples for giveaways)
  • 2 Ninxgia Red samples (Just wait till you try this)
  • Sample packets of oils to use or give to friends
  • 10 mini glass bottle (you can make oil blends and put them in here or make giveaways)
  • Aroma glide roller fitment (a roller ball)

How Much is the Kit?

The entire kit is worth over $350 retail, but if you buy it as a kit it's $160 or $199.75 in Canada!!

Once you order your starter kit you have full access to any of the Young Living products, no minimums get 24% off retail price!

You can order different starter kits if you'd like, but my fave is still the premium starter kit.

Theives Starter Kit

Ninxgia Red Premium Starter Kit

Is there a monthly commitment with Young Living?

Do I have to be a "distributor" and sell them?

Why Order Through me?

Why would you want to order through me versus other Young Living distributors? Well...I want you to have the best experience with these products and I'm there for you every step of the way. I know a lot of Young Living and other Essential Oil distributors who are all really great, but I will ensure you get the best value and any questions you might have will get answered! Here's what you'll get with me:

  • Full access to pick my brain
  • An Essential Oils 101 class delivered to your inbox :) where you'll learn more about the oils, and how to incorporate them into your day to day life!
  • Private Facebook group specifically for essential oilers like you ;)
    • Wealth of knowledge from some super knowledgeable friends of mine
    • Ability to ask any questions you might have on oils or Young Living Products
  • Fun Giveaways
  • Other essential oils classes such as Essential Oils for Yoga and Meditation
    • Cleaning with Essential Oils
    • Essential Oils for pets, etc

Am I making money off this?

Yes, in full disclosure I do make commissions off every kit that I sell, but I'm really not in it for that. I'm in this to share this amazingness with you.

It seriously took me months to decide to start this "business" because I didn't want to be in the bucket of "network marketing". But this was so close to my heart and I believe in it so much, I realized I needed to share it with people because it could change their life. In no way will I ever push this on you, I will only talk to you about it if you're interested.




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